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Making Atkins So Much Easier!

I would like to personally thank TSS for the great low carbohydrate products that they offer. Especially the rubs and seasonings. I have been on the Atkins Diet now for 7 weeks and have lost over 30 pounds in that time. I eat a lot of Steaks, Chops, Chicken, and Burgers. Without all the different flavors that TSS offers that are Low in Carbs the diet would be very bland and hard to stay on. I have over 10 varieties of your spices and I enjoy them all. They all give me a fresh taste with a blast of flavor. I never dread another Hamburger or Steak. I always look forward to the new releases as you make great products. You have a consumer for life in OHIO and I hope to spread to word to as many people as I can.

William, I really appreciate your seasoning blends, you are making Atkins so much easier! Will be over 30 pounds lost tomorrow I am sure and still losing. Those products are great. They are making the meat melt in my mouth!!!

Matt Hardbarger
Ashville, OH

Could not get enough of em...

William, the Tacos were great. Just browned the meat with some "Salt-Free Cajun" and a Hint of "Rattlesnake Dust ". Then I also used the "Traditional Green" salsa to top them off. Could not get enough of em, nice bite with the Salsa and an awesome flavor on both.

Matt Hardbarger
Ashville, OH

Didn't even use any salt or pepper...

Wild Bill, I cooked up some fresh home grown beef steaks (ribeye, t-bone and porterhouse) seasoned with your "the Juicy Pig" rub and a touch of "Rattlesnake Dust " and they were excellent!! Didn't even use any salt or pepper. The next night I seasoned some burgers with "Rattlesnake Dust " and they were fantastic!

Chuck Butkauskas
Pana, IL

All I can say is WOW!!!!

I bought some of the "Traditional Green" salsa and all I can say is WOW!!!! That stuff is what I've been looking for for over 30 years. I grew up eating chili verde and haven't been able to find anything that was even close until this!!

Mike Holladay
Tulsa, OK

Oh man, was it awesome!

I baked some fish last night with your "Salt-Free Cajun". I wrapped some fish in foil with lemon, onions, a little butter and sprinkled it all with the Cajun seasoning. Oh man, was it awesome! My wife usually doesn't care for baked fish, but ended up eating quite a bit of mine. We also seasoned some french fries with it. As expected it was great too.

Next step is to put some "Salt-Free Cajun" seasoning on a piece of shoe leather and try that. From what I have experienced so far, it just might make it edible! This stuff is just AWESOME!!

James Teer
Haughton, LA

We can't seem to get enough!!

One of our customers introduced us to Texas Select Seasonings and we can't seem to get enough!! My dad loves to grill - rain or shine, hail or snow. He doesn't need a reason; "Just because" works for him. I made him a gift basket (filled with your products) for Christmas and he loves it!! "the Juicy Pig", "Jalapeño Dusted"™, "Jalapeño Dusted"™ Fish Fry & "Rattlesnake Dust " are his favorites!! Thanks!!!

Leslie Cravy
Houston, TX

Extremely Good Flavor!

Used your "Salt-Free Cajun" as a rub on chicken quarters smoked on the grill. Everybody loved them. There was no heat to it, just extremely good flavor. Even the baby loved it and he can be very very finicky when it comes to his chicken, so I think ya got ya a winner there ya'll. The whole family loved it the flavor was great. will probably try it on ribs next. 5 stars!

John Preston Baze
Harriet, AK

Waking up to coffee brewing is nice, but...

Waking up to coffee brewing is nice, but not quite as nice as the smell of these ham and beans with your seasonings. By lunch the ham bone came out clean and the beans were delicious! See Robert's recipe here.

Robert Gilvary
Supply, NC

Enhances Every Dish...

The superior quality and flavor of the TSS spice blends enhances every dish that I have used them on. Regardless of your food preference, or your cooking style, there is a TSS blend that will make it better! Not only do the freshly ground, Kosher grade spices used in these blends mean flavor far superior to anything that I have found on the store shelf, this is one of those times that QUALITY=SAVINGS. Because of the outstanding quality of the freshly ground ingredients TSS uses, the amount you have to use is perhaps 1/4 of what you might normally use if you tried to flavor your dishes with off the store shelf spices. Intense, outstanding flavor and money savings to boot! I am a TSS customer for life.

Tim Hade
Indianola, Iowa

"Coon Ass Chip Dip"

I mixed your "Salt-Free Cajun" seasoning with Velveta Cheese and Hot Rotel. "Coon Ass Chip Dip" we call it. My 2 y/o didn't stop eating it for an hour. He never eats dinner, just throws it in the floor. He gives it two thumbs up and so do I. "Coon Ass Chip Dip" ROCKS!!!

Cajun ASS Woopin Chip Dip
 - 1/2 big block of Velveta
 - 1 can Rotel tomatoes "Hot"
 - 2 tbs "Salt-Free Cajun"
 - 1 tsp "Rattlesnake Dust"

 It bites you in the boo boo!

Rob Mckay
Bossier City, LA

The best hot seasoning I have ever tried...

Howdy Ya'll,
Terry Grover here. I've met you guys at some of the boat and leisure shows. I work for The Leisure Connection Magazine and I gotta tell you... "Rattlesnake Dust" is absolutely the best hot seasoning I have ever tried. I've tried every "extra spicy" versions of Tony Chacheres, Zatarains, etc, and they are WIMPS compared to this stuff. I was in the restaurant biz for 20 years managing such restaurants as Trudy's Southern Star in Austin, Applebee's, Joe's Crabshack, and especially The Flying Dutchman in Kemah. So I do know a little 'bout food. Born in Baton Rouge and raised in Clear Lake, TX, I do like it spicy. Not only does it have the heat I crave but great flavor without killing me with salt. So many mainstream companies hide behind salt for flavor. My ten gallon hat is off to you!!
Terry Grover
Regional Sales Manager - Western U.S.
The Leisure Connection Magazine

Blew me away!

A co-worker sent a couple jars from the Farmers market there. Blew me away. I have not had anything like it since living in Arizona! We decided to order a bunch and give them out for Xmas presents. Hopefully more orders will follow if people like it as much as us!

Actually my wife and I really loved the red salsa with South American chilies and carrots - guess it's a small batch thing you just do at the farmers market. That was really great. Hope you can grow enough chilies to make some more!

Steve Lang
Lyons, CO

Nothing better than having "Gallons in the Cupboard"...

Wild Bill,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for letting me be a member of the "Gallon Club". There is nothing better than having "Gallons in the Cupboard" when it comes to Texas Select Seasonings. My wife and myself are absolutely blown away by the awesome flavors and versatility of your products. No matter what We use them on, it always turns out perfect!! So now My new saying is, "Put it on like you have gallons in the cupboard". Keep up the good work and I'll be sure when We remodel our kitchen, our spice rack will accommodate gallon jugs too!!!
Thanks again my friend.

Jerry Miller
Enterprise Products
Rotating Equipment Technician

I can't wait. The grills waiting.

Hello again William,
I just ran out of the samples of "Rattlesnake Dust" and "Wild Bill's Blazin' BBQ". I loved these seasonings so much i just placed an order for the TSS Sweet and Fire Pack. My 5 year old son ate a deer chop last week seasoned with the "Rattlesnake Dust" hammered out and chicked fried. He said man that's good Dad and my mouth is burning. I can't wait to try the others. They add so much flavor to meat. I can't wait. The grills waiting.

Jeremy Rich
Waynesville, IL

Sold On "The Juicy Pig"™

I don't have enough "the Juicy Pig"™ to make another fish dinner! I have been using it on fish fillets wet with water and seasoned with "the Juicy Pig"™, then I rub Italian seasoned bread crumbs then melt 1/2 stick of butter in a pan and fry until 3/4 done then flip for a couple of minutes then serve with Remoulade sauce. We have been eating that a lot lately due to dieting and heart healthy recipes. I have a salad with it and feel really healthy and that I have indulged in a great meal. I could not have the same flavor without my "the Juicy Pig"™seasoning. I'm sure your other products are super too but I'm really sold on "the Juicy Pig"™ on my fish.

Gayle Chandler
Houston, Texas

"I love that Juicy Pig!"

loretta"I love that Juicy Pig!"
Loretta Hamilton of Seabrook, TX
For Loretta's Baked "the Juicy Pig"™ Chops recipe, click here.

TSS On Ted Nugent "Spirit of the Wild"

tedThe "Motor City Madman" Ted Nugent and family cook with TSS at home and in the field!



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